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Agate Wish Bowls

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Got a dream you want to wish into reality? Make a wish with the manifesting energy of agate. The energy of these agate bowls will fill you with all the right qualities to transform your ideas into realities. Write down your wishes on small pieces of paper, fold them up and place them in the bowl. It’s a fun ritual to do with your friends and family!

Small ~5.5" • Medium ~6" • Large ~7"


Setting an intention with an agate wish bowl is easy. After cleansing yourself and the stone to get clear on the path you want to forge, find a peaceful area of your home where you can sit down and write. On a small slip of paper, use a pen to write down the intention you want to work on.

Agate can help you in any area of your life that needs an infusion of motivating passion—whether that’s in your love life, career or spiritual pursuits. If you’re someone who’s always wanted to see the world, but never felt like you had the right moment, it’s time to manifest that moment with an agate wish bowl. Set the intention to travel by writing down: I will make time for new experiences in places that feed my soul.

Life is too short to keep silencing your desires. Let your spirit be loud. Writing down what you want in life helps you get it out into the world, and keep your goals in sight. Agate energy vibrates with strength, to empower you on a cellular level. Take the enhanced focus and confidence that agate energy brings, and use it to go after the goals you deluded yourself into thinking were too ambitious.

Helping you to analyze situations from a higher perspective, you’ll soon realize after working with agate energy, that your tendency to be safe and think small has vanished. Don’t ignore your dreams. Embrace them with the determined energy of an agate wish bowl.

Each one of these Agate Wish Bowls are completely unique and different. Coming from Brazil, many of them will be agate on the exterior and amethyst on the interior. All sales are final on these crystals. 


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