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670-lb Giant Amethyst Cathedral Pair


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When we saw this giant Amethyst Cathedral pair at the Tucson Gem show this year, we knew immediately that we had to bring them home with us. And unlike other large crystals we’ve purchased in the past, it wasn’t the gemmy, rainbow-filled Amethyst interior that caught our eyes. It was actually the natural back of this giant Amethyst geode pair that drew us in. The exterior of these huge Amethyst Cathedral crystals has to most beautiful and unusual markings. It reminded us of Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night painting, but created by Mother Earth. These stunning large crystals are a true crystal collector’s dream. They will bring the purest peaceful, uplifting yet grounding and clearing energies to your space.

Dimensions: Each amethyst cathedral is approximately 53” tall x 15-16” wide x 8” deep. One weighs 330 lbs and the other 340 lbs on stands.

Shipping/delivery is not included in the price. Upon purchase, we can arrange for white-glove crystal shipping where they will safely deliver, uncrate and set up your crystals in your space. Delivery within the United States only; no international delivery with these due to their size.


A large amethyst geode carries the strongest power to rid your space of unwanted, negative energy, making it an ideal crystal for your home. It works to purify your environment of negative vibrations while attracting positive energy. These giant amethyst geodes are crystals of spiritual growth and protection. When you place a large amethyst geode in your space, it constantly radiates positivity while sucking in any lingering negative vibes. Add a giant amethyst to your home for a more dynamic decor that brings vibrant color in the form of peaceful nature.

Through connecting the higher chakras of the third eye and crown, Amethyst is known to be a powerful reliever of stress, tension, anxiety and emotional turmoil. It calms and cools excessive emotions and eases you into a more meditative state by clearing unnecessary mind clutter. It helps you to become more in tune with your feelings and helps you get to know your inner self on a much deeper level.  

This Giant Amethyst Cathedral pair comes on custom-made stands that rotate 360 degrees - a new trend at the gem show this year that we are obsessed with. They create a certain movement that you don’t normally get with large crystals that prevents stagnancy and stuck energy. This pair would be incredible placed in the entrance of a home or within the living space to constantly clear the energy of the space, and radiate positive, relaxing energies.

This 670-lb giant Amethyst Cathedral pair is AA-grade Amethyst from Brazil. The metal, 360 degrees rotating stands are included with the crystals. Because of their large size, the shipping is not included in the price. Shipping will be determined based on your location after the purchase, where we can arrange for white-glove crystal delivery to get them delivered safely, uncrated and placed in your space. Delivery within the United States only; no international delivery with these due to their size. Please email us with any questions!


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