What Will I Learn From Crystal Muse?

What Will I Learn From Crystal Muse?

When Heather Askinosie began her journey with crystals 25 years ago, she traveled around the world seeking out information from shamans and healers. She wanted to know more than what crystals did. She wanted to know how to use them. Imagine, she thought nearly three decades later, if there was a book with all of that information in it? That was the concept behind the decision to co-author Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You with her Energy Muse co-founder, Timmi Askinosie.    

This crystal healing book takes you on a journey of life, Heather and Timmi’s lives, to be exact. It was through their trials that they discovered the holistic practices to overcome life’s difficulties. Using crystals in rituals, they were able to grow their own business, reduce anxiety, promote fertility, deepen meditation, induce emotional breakthroughs and so much more.

By exposing their mistakes and misconceptions along the way, Heather and Timmi’s experience can also serve as a cautionary tale. The spiritual path isn’t always what you think it will be. In the chapter for using crystals in meditation, Heather jokes about the first silent meditation retreat that she ever attended. She discusses all of the expectations that she went into the week long experience with, and how desperately she wanted to talk—even if just to ask if she was doing it right!

This is so relatable to those who have tried meditating, at least once. There is a perception with meditation that you are meant to reach a higher state of being. When you first begin practicing this technique, it can be difficult to know if you’re “there”, or if you’re doing something wrong. Heather’s story reveals why the spiritual path is less about doing things right, and more about allowing experiences to teach you what you need to learn. She also discloses how her teacher got her to reach the point of true meditation, and how you can use crystals to achieve that peace of mind as well.

Through the many stages of life, we’ll be confronted with different challenges. We can all identify with having creative blocks, feeling as if we’re spinning out of control or needing to take ownership of our issues at some point in our lives. The benefit of Crystal Muse is that even if you can’t connect to or use a ritual in your current stage of life, it will remain a resource that you can look back on when you do need it. The chapter on love is the perfect example of that.     

It’s not just about attracting love—though there is a ritual for that. It’s also about using rituals to for self-love and reigniting the spark in seasoned romances. There’s even a ceremony that you can perform at bridal showers to wish loving intentions for the marriage of bride’s to-be.

While some of these rituals aim to help you tackle the bigger issues in your life, there are also rituals that you can do, regardless of whatever else is going on, to create a positive space and spirit. The rituals in the space clearing chapter will assist you in learning how to cleanse and recharge your crystals, as well as the many different methods you can use for purifying and elevating the energy in your home.  

The main take away that Heather and Timmi want readers of this book to understand, is to trust their intuition. From choosing the right crystal to getting what you intend out of a ritual, trust that you hold the power to know what you need. Ultimately, Crystal Muse is about learning to embrace and amplify your personal power with the crystals in your tool kit.

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