Spiritual Growth & The Spiritual Journey

spiritual journey

The spiritual journey is not always all unicorns and rainbows. Some days, it’s just raw and questionable. Why be on this path anyway? It’s hard and, at times, lonely.  It is a journey that cracks you wide open, so that you are forced to deal with all aspects of yourself—the good, the bad and the ugly. My personal spiritual journey started over 25 years, and yet, in many ways, I feel like it started today.

This path is about the journey to spiritual growth. Along the way, you will be finding out who you truly are. It’s not a kumbaya way, like “everything is so wonderful.” It is more like a peeling an onion way, as in everything is wonderful BUT it would be more wonderful once you get rid of your old-belief systems, blame and self-sabotage.

The good news is once you know the universal laws, and implement them into your life, life shines a little brighter. An example of this is avoiding confrontation. I will admit my whole life, I have had this pattern and false belief that if I don’t confront it and acknowledge it, then it will miraculously go away. Guess what!—it never just goes away, and ignoring the problem actually makes it worse. It makes the non-spoken, non-confrontational topic the huge elephant in the room; one that everybody can see. Over the years, I have noticed that when the ego is released and the heart is open, something that needs to be confronted is addressed in truth and always gets resolved. I am not saying it always works out, and that both sides feel 100% fulfilled, but at least you know that your part of the issue was addressed in a respectful loving way. Because of this, you will feel lighter.

What is something that you can do to keep you on your spiritual journey? Keep connected to the Earth and nature—it’s the touchstone. Keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground allows the energy to flow. I find that looking at obstacles as a way to grow and shift has really helped me on my spiritual journey and with my personal spiritual growth. Having this perspective makes it more like an opportunity, rather than a burden. It’s really just that simple, subtle shift that changes everything. Why does it seem that the most insightful wisdom in life is so simple? We, ourselves, are the ones that overcomplicate things.

The moral of the story is that keeping it simple and keeping it real is the way to live. Real to who, you ask? Real to YOU. This might mean crying your eyes out when instinctively you would hold it in and move on to the next thing on your list. To feel is to heal. This statement is so true, and yet uncomfortable at the same time. Why?  Because to feel is to be vulnerable and open, and this does not always feel normal. The truth is that feeling love and feeling vulnerability is what the norm is.

So why stay on the spiritual journey? Once you have been on the path to spiritual growth for a while, the old you and your old ways won’t fit anymore. You can never go back down the road; the only way to move is forward. Forward into the unknown, where each day you feel more connected to yourself. YOU know what feels good and what doesn’t. YOU must trust that as a way to live your life.

The spiritual journey reminds me of this Rumi quote:
“The wound is where the light enters. Allow your light to shine bright.” 

Wearing healing crystals on your body allows you to go within yourself and align your body with the Earth—since crystals originate from the Earth. It raises your vibration and helps you to feel your inner light shine through. The most powerful way to achieve spiritual growth on your spiritual journey is to connect with the energy of the Earth. LOVE is truly in the Earth.


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  • Reply October 23, 2014

    Flissa Mannella

    Your journey is expanding you to such greater realms so that you can draw from your growth and share what so many need to hear. I appreciate that and you for sharing your wisdom! This picture of the rainbow and the stone is amazing and awakening us to what you said about nature being the touchStone! I’m vibrating with that rainbow today and all of the solar eclipse energies!!! With every eclipse, there is a rainbow bright!
    All Love

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