Selenite, the Crystal Ghostbuster

Selenite, the Crystal Ghostbuster, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

I snuck my crystals into the car when he wasn’t looking. I had to, because I knew my husband would say, “Why can’t we just be like normal people who take clothes, toiletries and a book on a trip? Why do we always have to take rocks with us everywhere we go?!” 

Logically, I understand where he is coming from, but we were going to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for a few days. Rumor has it that the place is haunted. He should know me well enough by now that I can’t go into a potentially haunted environment without a little extra crystal protection, even if the ghosts are linked with some old time famous actors. I figured when we arrived at the hotel, I could grab them out of the trunk without making a big deal out of it. Unfortunately…all did not go as planned.

When we arrived, a bellman promptly arrived at the car, letting us know that he would bring all our bags up to the room.  My husband proceeded to ask me to go check in while he handled the bags.

“Has this ever this happened to you before?!” I heard my husband say from across the lobby.

The bellman replied, “Actually sir, I have worked here a long time, and I thought I had seen it all, but this is a first for me.”  I looked over my shoulder and my crystals were being rolled into the hotel on their own luggage cart.

When we got to our room my husband looked at me, and said “Really?”

Obviously my plan didn’t work as well as I had hoped, but my very large Selenite crystals were with me. I quickly placed black tourmaline around the 4 legs of the bed for protective energy. The larger chunks of Selenite were placed on the nightstands and the smaller pieces went in the corners, around the room and on the windowsills.

Selenite is my go to stone for protection from ghosts and lower vibrational energy, and I personally consider it to be a crystal ghostbuster. I believe that Selenite has a high-vibration. It elevates the energy of wherever it resides, while bringing grounding and soothing energy to an environment. I place a piece of selenite over my chest before I go to sleep at night to clear my energy field from the day so I can sleep soundly through the night. Wearing a Selenite necklace creates a sphere of white light around your body. It’s uplifting, elevating and acts like a superhero of protection.

After my stay, as my crystals were being rolled out of the hotel on the luggage cart, I looked at them and thought, “What is normal anyway?”

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  • […] If you don’t already have them in your crystal collection, selenite crystals are a definite must for your tool kit. Selenite unblocks any stuck or stagnant energy in your body or environment to restore a healthy flow of positive energy. It is the most powerful crystal for energy clearing and cleansing, especially for your personal energy field. Simply hold it in your hand, and “comb” it up and down your body to unblock any stuck energy and eliminate any negative energy. Place it on the windowsills of your home to clear, protect and shield the energy of your home. It is also a crystal ghostbuster! […]

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