Reflexology Ritual with Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian Reflexology Ritual

Need a massage? If you’re reading this, your answer is probably a resounding, YES! Who couldn’t use a massage? Many of us are trained to see work as a necessity, and self care routines like massages, as luxuries. This functions to a point, but when you feel so overburdened and tense that your work and everything else that you deem essential begins to suffer, it’s no longer a feasible mentality. Don’t let yourself reach breaking point. Instead, shift your mindset to place your health and wellness in the “essential” column.

When your car starts making weird noises, you get it fixed. Think of your aching muscles and stress headaches as your body’s version of a lit up dashboard. These warning signs are your signals to cool off before a break down. Getting a massage can dramatically reduce stress, anxiety, inflammation, muscle tension and can even benefit digestion. Granted, we may not all be able to afford a professional massage. Fortunately, there are still ways that we can massage away tightness. This ritual exemplifies how you can combine the crystal energy of Rainbow Obsidian and reflexology to prevent tension with massage.

Every organ in the body is represented at certain points along the sole of the foot. This means that using reflexology, we can address aches behind our eyes by massaging the tissue at the root of our second and third toes. Or, if it’s sciatic nerve pain that we need to focus on, we can massage the backs of the heels. With a rainbow obsidian sphere, we can pinpoint both body and spiritual pain with the healing and protective energy of obsidian. We can surrender the negativity that we have been holding onto, and the hurt that we feel we have to keep to ourselves. Release that energy into the rainbow obsidian, and let it transfer its loving energy into. Heal yourself from the ground up.

Rainbow Obsidian Reflexology Ritual

What you’ll need:

Rainbow Obsidian Ritual Steps:

  1. Cleanse your space, yourself and your crystals with the smoke of burning sage.
  2. To begin, take a seat and set the two rainbow obsidian spheres on the floor.
  3. Place one foot atop each sphere.
  4. Rub your feet over the spheres for 11 minutes. There will be certain points of your feet that feel uncomfortable, almost as if there are knots in your feet. Rub slowly over these areas. Our emotions get held in parts of our body. We can access and relieve these emotionally-caused tensions at these points in the soles of the feet.
  5. Allow yourself the time and space to feel uncomfortable. Ponder your emotions. Breathe through them as you breathe through the knots. Let go of things that no longer serve you. Use this ritual and this massage as a way to nurture and heal yourself. After this rainbow obsidian crystal ritual, you will feel completely reconnected to yourself.
  6. Place your rainbow obsidian spheres in the sun for at least 4 hours to clear any energy that was released.
  7. It’s important to drink water after this ritual so that you can replenish yourself. Don’t forget this step!

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