Programming Quartz Crystals With Intention

programming quartz

“Your wish is my command… but be careful what you wish for.”

Healing crystals are beautiful works of art, created by nature. You might have a lucky crystal or a stone someone has given you, which you hold dear. From the diamond on an engagement ring to a pearl necklace to a silver dollar, you probably have some mineral lying around somewhere that you might even consider a friend.

All crystals have inherent metaphysical properties beyond their aesthetic beauty. For example, citrine crystals are known for their ability to help one manifest, and they also don’t hang on to negative energy. Hematite is a grounding crystal. Heulandite is known to promote pure joy, and moldavite has the power to transform. However, there is one crystal that is known to be especially programmable to any intention: quartz. Quartz is used in every computer, cell phone, and modern timepiece because of its reliability in being stable and steady at achieving its purpose. Recently, nano structures in quartz have been shown to have the potential to store inordinate amounts of data for an inordinate amount of time. Quartz can also be used to hold, broadcast, and amplify your intentions!

Programming quartz crystals with intention is an age-old practice. The process is similar to programming any other computer, except all of the steps are simply done with your mind and intention. First, you clear the crystal and ‘format’ it. Then, you activate the crystal by developing a personal connection to it while you awaken the crystal’s consciousness. After that, you can program your intention into it. For good measure, you can charge the crystal and ‘seal’ it so that your intention is not accidentally erased or picks up on other energy that might compromise it. Once the crystal is programmed, you can carry it with you, keep it by your desk, or even bury it. From there, the crystal will run your program. It really is that simple!

When you program your crystal, it is important to be aware of what you are programming into it. Always set an intention that your program is for your highest self and greatest good to the universe. No crystal wants to be used to exploit. Also, beware of the intention you program. For example, I once programmed a quartz crystal for adventure. Shortly after I recharged it, I ended up saving a girl from falling down a waterfall, but I dislocated my shoulder in the process! Of course, I soon decided to reprogram my crystal for bodily healing. Be careful what you wish for!

In the latest album and iOS app from Guided Meditation Treks, Volume II, there is a recorded, guided meditation to program a quartz crystal. It walks the listener through all of the steps to program any quartz crystal with your intention. The process includes methods gleaned from personal experience and the wisdom of others. The guided meditation takes the guesswork out of programming crystals and guides you in real-time through programming quartz crystals to help you with your intentions! The album is available through iTunes or as an iOS app from my website. Enjoy! But do be careful what you wish for; it may very well come true!

By Russell Eric Dobda from Guided Meditation Treks


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