Pedal on the Pier for the Harold Robinson Foundation


On June 1st, the Energy Muse Team will be riding for 5 hours and 100 miles in the Pedal on the Pier event to benefit the Harold Robinson Foundation. 100 Miles, 100 Bikes, 100 Teams! And we are one of them!

The Harold Robinson Foundation was established based on the principle that each and every child deserves an opportunity, no matter where they stand on the socioeconomic ladder. Through providing funding and resources of a camp experience, HRF offers a safe and nurturing environment for our community’s impoverished children. HRF strives to create a sense of purpose and accomplishment in each individual, while working towards building communities through communication and support for schools and families. Camp is a safe haven where youth can explore their fears and dreams, and engage with other children and adults to build trust and self-worth. Their mission has grown from the simple hope of allowing youths to experience a camp for a weekend to investing in their futures, communities and families.

Poverty is the worst disease, especially when it comes to kids. So many kids grow up with this and they live a mere 30 minutes from our offices. To grow up in poverty isn’t just that they’re hungry and possibly living in shelters, a car or even a cardboard box, but most likely there are violence, abuse and everything else to contend with each and every day. The current Population Survey data shows that 15% of Americans, roughly 46.5 million people, that is 16 MILLION KIDS, live at or below the government-defined poverty line. By sending these kids to camp, we can give them hope and it exposes them to a world they didn’t know existed, giving them something to dream about. It costs about $250 to send one kid to camp, and we want as many kids as possible to experience this gift.

The Harold Robinson Foundation is a very important foundation to us and we truly believe in their mission. From this event, they are hoping to raise $500,000, which will send 20 different-innercity schools to camp for an all-expense paid retreat. We want to help them reach their goal! We are hoping to raise $2500, and we need your help. Every little bit counts, no donation is too small. Help us raise this money so that these kids can have a better future! When we SPIN, kids WIN!

You can donate to our team at this link here. If you are interested in participating or riding with our team at this event, please email us at We would love to have you as part of our team.

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