Ocean Jasper Healing Ritual for Happiness and Peace

Ocean Jasper Healing Ritual for Happiness & Peace

Ocean Jasper healing properties are amongst the most soothing for calming anxiety and depression. The ocean jasper meaning is to connect us with the energy of the ocean, bringing us great joy and tranquility.

Ocean jasper healing properties show us that everything we need to be happy and at ease is within ourselves. The ocean jasper meaning asks us to reconnect with the rawness of nature and find deep appreciation of the simplicity of our own self. This ocean jasper ritual brings us back to our natural state of being, removing layers of stress, anxiety and depression.

Ocean Jasper Healing Ritual

1. On the first day of this 10-day ritual, set aside an hour of your day for the ritual. This practice will require complete silence.

2. Before starting your practice, completely turn off your cell phone, computer, TV and any other electronics. If you tend to be tempted by these devices, store them somewhere out of site. Also let your friends and family know that you will be unavailable to talk or listen during your specific time frame.

3. Begin your hour-long session of silence by tuning into your ocean jasper crystal. Hold it in both of your hands and set your intention to find tranquility and joy. Then carry the ocean jasper with you during you period of silence.

4. For the next hour, you are unable to read, write, talk, listen to others talk, listen to music, watch TV or use any form of electronics. In this day and age, the only ways to escape all of those things is to get out into nature or practice yoga or meditation. If you are unable to go outside, ocean jasper healing properties are ideal for connecting you to a strong earth and sea energy.

Ocean Jasper Meditation to Connect to Nature

– Lay on your back with the ocean jasper over your heart.

– Take in a few deep inhales and exhales.

– Visualize yourself laying on the beach. Feel the sun warming your skin. Hear the waves crashing on the shore. Run your fingers through the sand. Fully immerse yourself in the experience and allow yourself to be in this place.

5. Carry the ocean jasper with you wherever you go during your silent journey. Whenever you feel uncomfortable in the silence or your longing to talk or use your electronics, hold it in your hand and repeat your intention to yourself. Allow its energy to bring you happiness and recharge you with a soothing energy. Alternatively, if you experience moments of pure gratitude for the beauty of the world around you and the simplicity of life without all of the distractions, close your eyes and send that energy back into the ocean jasper, amplifying your intention.

6. Practice this ritual everyday for ten days; ideally lengthen the time you spend in silence. The ultimate goal is to achieve a full 24 hours in silence, also known as pratyahara. Doing so will require full dedication and preparation, however it is the ultimate act of demanding peace in your life and expressing that happiness resides within yourself, not external factors.

Connecting with the ocean jasper healing properties in this way harnesses the energy of the ocean. It does not need external factors to make it happy, beautiful or calm. It simply exists in its natural state. It allows itself to be rough, but brings itself to calm. It reminds us that the true beauty and meaning of life lies in our very existence. Just like the energy of ocean jasper, our happiness and peacefulness is within us.

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