Lemurian Cluster Ritual to Align with Cosmic Energy

Lemurian Cluster Ritual to Align with Cosmic Energy

Lemurian quartz crystals help you to access the ancient wisdom stored within the crystal—the secrets and wisdom of the ancient civilization of Lemuria. This information allows you to experience a higher state of consciousness, which enables you to transform and shift your current state of reality. A Lemurian cluster allows you to tap into a vast and limitless storage of information that is well beyond time and space.

When this state of being is accessed through silence and meditation, a deep sense of truth permeates your body on a soul level. Your preconceived thoughts begin to dissolve to make space for a more heightened state of awareness that vibrates deep within the heart. The heart holds the truth of who we are. By tapping into the vastness of the heart, you are able to tap into the limitless potential of who you really are.

This Lemurian cluster crystal ritual will help you:

  • Expand beyond your current state of reality and perception
  • Break through any self-limiting thoughts
  • Reawaken dormant passion & creativity
  • Access a higher vibration to align with cosmic energy

Lemurian Cluster Crystal Ritual

  1. Cleanse your space and your crystals with sage, Palo Santo, copal or your cleansing method of choice.
  2. Hold your Lemurian cluster in the palm of your non-dominant hand.
  3. With your dominant hand, touch and connect with the crystal cluster, feeling the grooves and ridges of each crystal point. If possible, do the same with your non-dominant hand as well.
  4. After you have connected with your crystal with both your left and right hands, close your eyes and hold the Lemurian cluster in your non-dominant hand for five minutes, breathing in and out deeply.
  5. After five minutes, write down any thoughts, visions or messages that come to your mind.
  6. If you would like further guidance on something in your life, state the question out loud, while holding the Lemurian cluster.  You can say something such as: God, Creator, Great Spirit or all that is, I would like additional information and guidance regarding…Now sit silently and breathe deeply for five minutes.  After five minutes, write down any thoughts, visions or messages that come to mind.
  7. Lastly, hold the cluster and state out loud: I am now breaking through any barriers, obstacles, illusions or perceptions that hold me back from evolving and experiencing my true magnificence in all dimensions of time. Close your eyes, breathe deeply while holding the crystal for 5 minutes. After five minutes, write down any thoughts, visions or messages that come to mind.
  8. After you’ve finished, cleanse your crystal and place your Lemurian cluster somewhere you will see it often.

This simple 15-minute crystal ritual will help you expand beyond your current state of reality. Accessing a higher state of awareness will enable you to break through any self-limitations you’ve been self-imposing. Once you break through these barriers, you are able to tap into your greatest potential.

Heather Askinosie is a leading influencer on the power of crystals. For over 26 years, she has been studying the scientific and spiritual aspects of energy. She has had the privilege of studying with the best healers from all over the world, who have passed down ancient teachings on how to utilize energy technology in the upcoming millennium. Heather is a seeker of truth, working to extract as much information as possible, to translate it into simple tools that can be used in everyday life. These tools empower and educate individuals on how to use them to attract everything you want in life. In 2000, Heather co-founded Energy Muse Jewelry with business partner, Timmi Jandro. Energy Muse is a conscious lifestyle brand, providing tools of empowerment, inspiration and hope in the tangible form of jewelry.

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