How to Heal a Broken Heart with Rainbow Obsidian

How to Heal a Broken Heart with Rainbow Obsidian

If you typed the symptoms of a broken heart or how to heal a broken heart into WebMD, it probably wouldn’t diagnose you as lovesick, since that’s not technically an illness. But as anyone who has ever experienced a broken heart can attest, lovesickness will having you scouring the internet for cures just as much as any other infection.

Unfortunately, as far as cures go, there’s no antibiotic for love pains. A combination of time, exercise, nights out with friends and listening to sad love songs on repeat is really the only tried and true method. The goal is to get to a point of acceptance, so that you can forgive and let go of the pain that you went through. But if time is taking too long, and you can’t listen to another sad love song, crystals that are attuned to the soothing energy of release and acceptance can help you to finally overcome that last bit of lingering heartbreak.

The nurturing encouragement that crystals offer in this time is can make all the difference; more of a strong, silent presence. Just having that loving, forgiving and motivating energy around as you process situations can dramatically affect your emotional progress in moving past them. This how to heal a broken heart ritual gives you an outlet through which you can explore and ease your pain, and uses the energy of a rainbow obsidian heart to facilitate the healing process.

A Crystal Ritual for How to Heal a Broken Heart

Healing from hurts can take a long time, but you can help the process move quickly with Rainbow Obsidian. Place a heart-shaped Rainbow Obsidian over your heart, with the rainbow side facing down. Close your eyes, deepen your breath and reflect. This stone forces you to look in the mirror and see what parts of yourself you’ve projected onto others. You won’t be able to blame anyone else for relationship issues, and you’ll pinpoint what causes your heartache.

Now, think about the relationship that ended, and ask yourself, What lesson was this person brought into my life to teach me? Remember that in order to heal, you have to let go of resentment and move toward forgiveness. Really dig deep to discover the lessons. Maybe it was about boundaries, independence, or confidence. How have you grown since the relationship ended?

Once you discover what this person was meant to show you, the way you see them will shift. Then forgiveness will be easier, and you can put the relationship in the past so that you can welcome in both your best self and your best partner.

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