Harness the Energy of a Healing Pyramid

healing pyramid

The pyramid has been a sacred shape for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egypt, where Egyptians believed it represented the descending rays of the sun. They believed pyramids were powerful for spiritual initiation and symbolized man’s inner quest.

healing pyramidA healing pyramid harnesses high-vibrational energy. It radiates your intentions through its apex, giving immense power to manifest them. We use small energy healing pyramids for charging jewelry and amplifying intentions, while we use larger healing pyramids for meditation. The power of pyramids is useful for bringing new, vibrant energy to your intentions. Pyramid power sends the intention out into the universe so you can activate it throughout many aspects of your life.  Additional prana, or life force, is brought to anything that is put under a pyramid, making it one of our favorite spaces for our crystals, jewelry and meditation.

How to Use a Small Healing Pyramid to Manifest your Intentions:

  1. For the next 40 days, set your intention with your crystal grid, healing crystals or Energy Muse jewelry by placing or holding it under the pyramid as you state your intention.
  2. Wear your jewelry or work with your crystals during the day and let them recharge under the healing pyramid during the night to ensure they have the highest energy each day.
  3. During the 40 day intention period, notice what little behaviors, attitudes or experiences you have that are a result of your intention. When you have a small victory (such as showing emotion or helping someone else when you normally don’t), write it down and place it in your pyramid. These small challenges you’ve conquered or changes you made will be activated under the pyramid energy, rejuvenating that positive energy and allowing more to come to you.
  4. As you work on your intention, you will likely experience some days which are better than others. During your strong days where you’ve felt your intention come to life, write down notes of gratitude and place it under the pyramid. On the days where you might have forgotten to spend time on your intention, write a note of affirmation, restating why this intention is meaningful to you. Doing so will force you to revisit your intention each day and notice what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you. Awareness is a key ingredient in manifesting intentions.
meditation pyramid

Sofia & Sirius hanging out underneath the meditation pyramid.

Just like a small healing pyramid, large meditation pyramids help amplify whatever is under them. Many gurus and spiritual leaders meditate under a pyramid to receive its pure energy, serenity and calmness. Meditating under a pyramid connects you to a world beyond the self. Often times, you can feel a shift in energy right when you sit under it. We notice a deeper state of meditation, enhanced creativity and a release of anxiety and stress while using a pyramid for meditation. Imagine the immense effects intention setting and meditating on your intention will have while under such a powerful structure.

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