Feng Shui Tips: Fresh Flower Symbols

feng shui flowers

If you have visited the Energy Muse showroom in the past, you may have noticed an array of beautiful, fresh flowers placed around the space. These are our “Feng Shui flowers” that we constantly change out, making sure they are fresh and lively. Adding fresh flower symbols to your home—and your sacred space—fills the room with strong healing energies. This is one of the easiest Feng Shui tips for you to practice on a regular basis!

feng shui flowers

Feng Shui Flowers in our Sacred Healing Room


Fresh flower symbols have been used in every civilization, country and culture since ancient times. Regardless of what country or culture you are from, there is a strong presence of fresh floral arrangements in many of your sacred practices. In good Feng Shui, the importance of fresh flowers stems from the universal feeling that flowers evoke—beauty and happiness. Alive flowers in homes radiate the energy of beauty and grace, and even a delicate sensual energy, depending on the type of flower. Here are few of the most popular flower symbols that are often used in Feng Shui:

  • Peony—This sensual flower has long been used in Feng Shui as a cure for love and romance. It is thought of as a metaphor for female beauty and is often used in the bedrooms of younger couples.
  • Lotus—This spiritual flower is the ultimate symbol of perfection and purity. In Chinese medicine, every single part of this flower has certain medicinal properties, making it a staple for healthy and harmony in Feng Shui. In a more spiritual sense, the lotus flower evokes the energy of beauty, purity and new beginnings. It brings renewing energies that fill your space with happiness and light.
  • Orchids—These flowers are a classical symbol for fertility in Feng Shui. It is also believed to symbolize the ongoing quest for perfection in anyone’s life. Placing orchids in your space is a must, as they also bring energies of abundance and spiritual growth. Plus they are just gorgeous!
  • Cherry Blossoms—These flowers are believed to evoke the energy of new beginnings, freshness and innocence, being that they are a classic symbol of spring. Many times, cherry blossoms are used as feng shui tips for couples going through love and marriage problems.
  • Chrysanthemum—This is one of the most popular of the feng shui flowers as it symbolizes balance. It is believed to have a strong yang energy that will attract good luck and prosperity to your home.

When you add colorful, fresh flowers to your home, it immediately changes the energy. The energy feels lighter, happier and more vibrant. This energy is infectious and brightens your own personal energy and mood. When choosing your flower symbols, choose the ones you are the most attracted to—whether it is the color, the visual or the smell. Choose flowers that will make you happy, because those will be the most effective for creating good feng shui in your home!

Source: How to Use Flower Symbols for Good Feng Shui in Your Home by Rodika Tchi, Feng Shui Expert.


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