Crystals for Your Home: Turn It into a High-Vibe Crystal Heaven

Crystals for Your Home: Turn It into a High-Vibe Crystal Heaven

Dorothy said it best when she clicked her ruby red slippers together, and repeated, “There’s no place like home.” Adventures with new friends to unexplored places are fun, but when you’ve been away for too long, you’re tired, and some crazy lady keeps trying to take your shoes, there really is no paradise quite as appealing as your humble abode. That’s why when we think about home, we think less about the things in it, and more about the feeling it gives us. With such a focus on how a home looks, it’s easy to forget about designing for how a home feels. Many people may not even realize that this is a factor they can change—this is where healing crystals for your home come into play.

The energy of your home can shift over time. If you have ever been in a space that was completely clean and well lit, but somehow just felt heavy, or uncomfortable, then you can understand how a home’s energy is dictated by more than mere cleanliness. It has a lot to do with the energy that has been expelled in a space, and not cleared away. Arguments, breakups, stress, exercise, parties, deaths, grief—all aspects of life that leave behind energy in your home. If you’re not smudging or getting rid of negative vibes with high vibe crystals for your home, your space will start to feel dirty even when its clean. Not to mention, by not having the right kinds of crystals in your home, you’re not taking premeditative steps against the kinds of stress and miscommunications that start arguments in the first place.

In matching the crystal to the room, you can amplify the energies you need most in that particular space. When you start assigning your crystals their jobs around the house, the living room becomes full of life, the bedroom beams with love and relaxation, and the whole space takes on a protective aura. So with that in mind, what crystals for the home are the best to not only cleanse bad vibes, but lift them up to create a high-vibe crystal heaven?!

7 High-Vibe Crystals for Your Home

Black Tourmaline

First things, first. Protection. If you felt triggered by the above reference to the homes with bad energy, don’t fret. We can fix that. After saging, you’re going to want to use black tourmaline to create a shielding grid around your house. Black tourmaline emits a sort of force field of energy that blocks and eliminates negativity from entering. For this reason, placing a black tourmaline at every entrance is like an energy alarm system—it scares away the bad vibes! To resolve dark energy in a certain room, you can use black tourmaline inside as well, by just placing one piece in each of the four corners of the room.


Living rooms should be exactly what their title implies: rooms of life! To inspire light and vibrancy in this space, place a selenite crystal on the window sill. In fills the room with positivity. Additionally, set a citrine point next to the selenite for amplified frequencies of joy.

Blue Lace Agate

To promote open communication in the bedroom, use blue lace agate. With vibes so smooth that they’ll lull you to sleep, blue lace agate is the essential stone for bringing clarity and calming stress relief into your sacred space.


Get creative in the kitchen with carnelian. As a stone known for packing an energizing punch, it’ll help keep you from ordering out on days when you’re already tired from a long day at work. The creativity carnelian stirs up will lend some flavor to your next cooking endeavor.


When you place an Apophyllite crystal in your environment, you feel an immediate shift in your level of stress, anxiety, fear or worry. White light beams from this crystal, spiritually energizes your soul to leave you feeling calm, more relaxed and peaceful. It is known for its “high vibes” and its ability to invite angels into your home to uplift you with love and light. The positive flow of energies is like a stream of running water that continually loosens blockages and “washes” away unwanted energy.


As one of the ultimate crystals for your home, Celestite is like a cosmic lullaby. Let it rock you to sleep with its soothing, calming and peaceful vibes. It connects with the highest of realms to draw serenity from the angelic realm. Place one in your bedroom, especially for babies or children’s rooms, to promote restful sleep and sweet dreams.


The mere number of Shungite benefits is enormous, but one of our favorites right now is the EMF protection it offers. Since we are all attached to our cellphones, iPads, laptops and other electronics, placing shungite crystals next to your electronics can soften the blow. Its intense energy leaves you feeling balanced and in a neutral state.


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      Hi Anilkumar! If you’re looking to jump into the crystal world and learn more, may we suggest our new book, Crystal Muse? It’s a wonderful book for beginners and can help you get started!

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