Crystals for Weight Loss + to Help with Your Diet — And All the Hangry Moments That Go Along With It

Crystals for Weight Loss + to Help with Your Diet — And All the Hangry Moments That Go Along With It

There are two versions of you when you are on a diet. There is the version who radiates with the self-confidence of having made a healthy decision for your body and life. And then, there is the other you—the one who let’s the cravings do the talking. Not your better half, this version, unbound by rationality, would slap the cupcake out of your best friend’s hand for daring to flaunt the tasty morsel in front of you. Even when you consciously understand that the withdrawal from fried goodies and sugary sweets can have toxic affects on your mood and personality, it’s hard to reign in the crazy when those cravings hit.

Just recognizing the influence that these unhealthy foods have on you is reason enough to support your decision to leave them behind. But how do you avoid the pitfalls when detoxing leads you to frustrated breakdowns, and makes a sugar-infused surrender appear more appetizing than ever? Like with all dieting, it’s about reprogramming.

You have programmed your mind and body to expect certain highs triggered by foods. When you remove those foods, and thus those highs, your body is going to let you know that it’s time to feed the beast. Rather than submit to those urges, replace unhealthy highs with healthy ones. Meditation and exercise are better, longer lasting alternatives to the quick rise and crash your energy gets from poor nutrition. To help in the reprogramming of these habits, crystals for weight loss will aid in establishing new patterns, elevate mind-over-matter mentality, and tame emotional responses so that you don’t reek havoc on those around you during this time of transition.

3 Ways to Use Crystals for Weight Loss, Dieting and the Motivation to Follow Through

The best crystals for weight loss and dieting are those with a high-vibrational energy that is attuned to motivation, positivity, intention setting, breaking negative cycles and bringing emotional stability. Using combinations of these stones will help bolster your diet’s success rate.

Incorporate Your Crystals into a Yoga Workout

One method to try, is to use a combination of crystals during your yoga workout. Yoga is great for transformational periods because it’s attention to breathe diminishes the mind’s focus on unhealthy urges. In stabilizing your metabolism and bringing balance to both body and mind, it physically transforms you into a better self. Use crystals for light and positivity at the head of the mat. These will include crystals like Selenite, for banishing all of the negativity that arises while detoxing, and fluorite, for a soothing transition from chaos into mental and emotional clarity. At the bottom of the mat, place crystals for stability. Such crystals might be a Black Onyx, for energetic protection, a Hematite for grounding, or a Black Tourmaline for release. Then, during savasana (corpse pose), place an Amethyst over the third eye to relieve stress, a Rose Quartz on the heart to fill you with love, and a Clear Quartz crystal to program this exercise, and all the natural highs that go along with it, into your new norm.

Meditate with Crystals for Motivation to Keep you on Track

Another option is to meditate with crystals for motivation and reprogramming. A crystal combination that is especially suited to diet reinforcement is Blue Apatite, Selenite and Sunstone. Sunstone is a crystal for empowerment that is great for looking past cravings and emotional outbursts, and setting a new life plan. Blue Apatite will be clutch in defeating moments of irritability that often arise while dieting. Not only will apatite deepen your meditation and determination, it will increase your manifestation capabilities. It is also said to promote weight loss, stimulate your metabolism and increase your motivation to stay on track. Selenite will prove to be one of your favorite crystal allies on your journey to intentional eating. Often times, one of the hardest parts of creating a new healthy eating regime is the emotions that come up during the initial period, when your body is adjusting to the changes. If you try to ignore and deny these emotions that are coming up, they keep surfacing and ultimately can lead to you getting off track. Instead, turn to Selenite as your trusted friend to keep you moving forward. Each night, clear your energy and emotional body with the energy of Selenite.

Meditate with these three crystals for weight loss by lying down and placing the Selenite over your chest, sunstone at the solar plexus chakra, and hold a piece of Blue Apatite in each hand.

Create Crystal Elixirs to Make Drinking Water More Fun!

When you’re dieting, especially if you are trying to cut out sugar, you are going to want to drink a lot of water. It will help to flush out toxins and rehydrate your body. Often a craving for sugar is actually your body signaling to you that it needs water. Enhance this hydration practice by creating crystallized water elixirs, depending on the type of intention you wish to evoke that day.

We LOVE to use Clear Quartz or Rose Quartz in our elixirs. Hold your crystals in your hands, close your eyes and visualize your goals and intentions for the day. See the crystals filling your body with loving pink and white light. Place them in a mason jar of filtered water and place them out in the sun for 2-4 hours to soak up the energy. Then, enjoy your crystal-infused water! *Please note: it is very important to thoroughly cleanse your crystals before you use them in your water. We like to steam clean ours before we use them. Also, be mindful when experimenting with different crystal combinations, and take a look at this crystal caution list.

Don’t forget to sage your entire living space before and frequently during your shift to intentional eating. It’s important to clear the energy of the past, and start create a fresh space where new habits and intentions can form.

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