5 Crystals for Wealth, Prosperity and Success + How to Use Them

5 Crystals for Wealth, Prosperity and Success + How to Use Them

Everyone’s been given financial advice at some point in their lives. You’ve been told to save for your retirement, cut down on your daily coffee expenses or diversify your investments. Chances are, you probably haven’t been told to make yourself more energetically attuned to wealth. Let’s face it, a crystal that vibrates with the energy of abundance may be the most diverse investment you ever make—and you probably won’t be telling your financial advisor about it! But if you break down why these crystals have successfully brought wealth into the lives of so many, it really isn’t that out there. Manifesting with crystals for wealth opens you up to recognize and accept opportunities with confidence. When you approach your business with a positive outlook, the wealth will follow.

Crystals for wealth, prosperity and success can provide an energetic layer of support as you embark on your career or investing efforts. Each of these crystals for money, prosperity and success work in a unique way to bring you the wealth and abundance you are seeking. Combining the energy of these wealth and success stones with your own intention is the most impactful way to open your life up to receiving a generous flow of wealth and abundance.

What you’ll learn:

  • Which crystals to use for wealth, success and prosperity.
  • Watch the video to hear Heather Askinosie explain just how you should be using your wealth crystals.
  • How one person was able to use crystals for wealth in a ritual with a MAJOR pay off!

5 Crystals for WealthCrystals for Money and Wealth

Each of these crystals for wealth work in different ways, but they will all have a similar effect of attracting wealth, prosperity and success into your life. Let a raw Pyrite crystal or a Citrine point be your new financial advisor, helping you to be confident in risks, but grounded in a creative drive.

Wealth is the state of attaining material prosperity or money. Achieving a state of wealth often comes from hard work, new opportunities and positive outcomes. Use these crystals for wealth and money stones to aid in your ability in obtaining wealth.


Do you need to lighten up and play more when it comes to your finances? Make room for the fun and adventurous energy of Green Aventurine. This is the stone you need to shift into a more playful money mindset. Make sure to pack this crystal whenever you head out to the casinos or to a game night! Aventurine reminds you to keep it light and fun and abundance will follow.

This is one of the best money crystals because it is considered to be especially lucky when you are manifesting wealth. It is also the stone of opportunity, opening doors to new ventures. Carry 8 aventurine stones together, because 8 is the number of money.


If you find yourself feeling like you’re not worthy of abundance, the crystal ally for you is Pyrite. Pyrite is that golden nugget of wisdom, and it literally looks like gold. It also has this shiny-mirror like quality that encourages you look at yourself and say, I am worthy.

This is one of the most popular crystals for money because it is known to remedy financial hardship and attract wealth. It aids you by ushering wisdom and confidence into your financial decisions. Through these properties, pyrite fosters wealth in both subtle and larger ways.

Tiger’s Eye

If you need of to shift your perspective, look no further than Tiger’s Eye. This multidimensional stone reminds us that there isn’t only one way to get things done. When we look at a situation from one point of view for too long, we get tunnel vision. Connect with the energy of Tiger’s Eye to see the situation through a fresh pair of eyes. It reminds you that there are multiple ways and paths to find financial success.

This stone for success will give you the willpower and motivation you need in order to take action to achieve success. It will help you remained calm even in hectic situations, aiding in your ability to be a successful leader.


When the negative money mind chatter begins to creep in, there’s no better crystal to turn to than Citrine. Citrine is the light maker and the ultimate wealth crystal for manifestation. When you want to manifest more wealth and abundance, shift your mindset by bringing in the light with citrine. It helps you to open yourself up to embrace a more positive mindset.

Citrine is one of the best prosperity crystals because it helps you achieve your intentions faster. It is also referred to as the merchant stone because it helps to bring prosperity to business owners.

Green Jade

If you’re thinking of starting a new business or project, and you need to plan for financial longevity, Jade is the crystal to turn to. Jade is not that quick fix crystal for wealth. It’s that crystal that reminds you to stay wise, remain consistent and keep working towards your prosperity goals.

Since ancient times, jade has been one of the most recognized crystals for prosperity, wisdom and harmony. It is considered an extremely lucky stone and can promote the flow of prosperity and abundance into our lives. Combine green jade with other green stones to increase their prosperity energy.

Wealth Crystals

Heather’s Top Picks for Crystals for Wealth

One of Heather’s favorite tools for bringing in abundance is a pair of Lucky Crystal Elephants. An elephant with its trunk facing upwards is said to bring wealth, new opportunities and an extra dose of luck. When paired together in Aventurine and Tiger’s Eye, these crystal elephant figurines become a powerful tool to shift your wealth luck. Wondering how to use these crystals for wealth in your home or office? Here’s how:

  1. Place your elephants on your office desk to invite in wealth, opportunity and abundance.
  2. Use them on your crystal altar to hold the space of wealth.
  3. Keep them facing your front door as a symbol of protection and strength.
  4. Keep them by your front door facing into your home to usher in the free flow of wealth and abundance.

Heather Walks You Through These 5 Crystals for Wealth, Success and Prosperity

In this video, Heather discusses why she uses crystals for wealth and which ones are her personal favorites!

How One Person Used Wealth Crystals in a Prosperity Ritual to Get BIG Results

After our book, Crystal Muse, came out, one of our employees decided she wanted to try the Money Magnet ritual for herself. Her name is Tiffany, and she was at a point where she was feeling blocked financially in her life. She was looking to use wealth crystals to bring abundance and light back into her life, and have the strength to get through this obstacle. She chose to wear the crystals in the form of our Money Magnet bracelets. For 40 days, in the morning, she put on her bracelets, chanted the Ganesh mantra Om Gan Ganapataye Namo 108x to align with the energy of removing obstacles. Then she said the affirmation: I am a money magnet, aloud 8x. At night before she went to bed, she repeated this process.

The challenge of consistency fueled Tiffany to keep going. She wanted to prove to herself that she could get through these 40 days. She told me that at the time she began the ritual, she didn’t believe she was a money magnet. But as the days progressed, she started to believe it more and more.

Just 2 days after the ritual ended, she received 2 checks in the mail from her school. Before opening them, Tiffany assumed they would be small checks, around $5.00 – $10.00, as that was what she had received from them in the past. To her surprise, there was one check for $200…and one for $5000!! Immediately, thinking this must be a mistake, she called her school. They told her there had been an error in their system regarding her scholarship and financial aid, so the $5,200 dollars was not a mistake.

How cool is that? What we love about Tiffany’s story is that her financial breakthrough came from somewhere completely unexpected. It doesn’t always have to be a new opportunity or a project you’ve been working on – it can be from something that’s not even on your radar. And when we open ourselves up to the flow of abundance and truly believe that we are money magnets, everything aligns.  

How to Use Crystals for Wealth

Ideally, you would pick eight crystals for wealth to use. They can all be the same or they can all be different, but the number eight is the number of prosperity and will amplify that energy. After discovering the money crystals for you intention, you can keep them in a small bag and carry them in your purse or pocket. Money stones are ideal to be kept around you at all times, so find a way that you can comfortably carry them with you, in whatever way works for you.

You can also form a grid in the southwest quadrant of your home, which is the wealth and abundance sector. Ideally, you would have a large piece of raw pyrite cluster and you would surround the cluster with your eight crystals for wealth. Working together, the stones will invite in the flow of abundance into your life.


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    Please can you tell me which is the best crystal for luck,I’m libra & do the lottery ,I would like lucky crystal for pureluck.0

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      Aventurine is said to be the luckiest crystal of all, especially with situations where you cannot control the outcome of the situation!

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