Crystals for Love in the Bedroom

crystals for love

Your bedroom is a sacred space for your friends, lovers and—most importantly—yourself. It is a space to recharge ourselves so that we are ready to face the outside world. You want to fill it with the energy of love, as love is the most powerful healing energy of all. Placing crystals for love in the bedroom encourages a restful night’s sleep and enhances courtship and romance, partnerships, supportive friendships and sensuality. Don’t worry about the size or layout of your bedroom—even the smallest bedrooms can be transformed into places of powerful, positive energy!

If all you are looking for is a good night’s sleep, you can turn your bedroom into a personal sanctuary by filling it with healing crystals, like Sodalite, Amethyst and Selenite, to bring calming and harmonious energies. But if you are not looking to always be sleeping alone, and want to attract a long-term mate, you’ll want to fill your bedroom with a different set of crystals. In terms of crystals for love, Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone to enhance, attract and increase all aspects of love. There are many different rose quartz uses, but here are three of the most powerful ways for how to use rose quartz and other crystals for love in the bedroom:

  1. Hanging love crystals—in a small bag—from your bedside lamp or above your headboard helps to invite love into your bedroom. It will also have a calming and soothing influence on your room, helping to establish a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere.
  2. There are a two other key positions to place your crystals for love: 1. Place a Rose Quartz Sphere in the first place you notice when you enter your bedroom. A sphere is an ideal shape for your bedroom because its shape symbolizes unity and completion. 2. Place a piece of raw Rose Quartz in the spot that is directly in front of you when you sit up in your bed. If that is not possible, because there is a door or obstruction in front of your bed, try hanging it from the ceiling halfway between you and the obstruction.
  3. One of the most powerful rose quartz uses for enhancing love in your bedroom is to place a piece of Rose Quartz at each of the 4 corners of your bed. You can just place them on the floor, at each leg of your bed or next to the corners if your bed is flat against the ground.

It is also important to cleanse the energy of your bedroom to ensure there is no stuck, blocked or negative energy. Give your bedroom a good energy cleansing with sage or Palo Santo once or twice a week to maintain a pure environment. Your bedroom is the place you often spend the most time, since it is the place we all go to sleep every night. Filling it with the positive energy of healing crystals and crystals for love will ensure that you wake up each day feeling energized, recharged and full of positive energy.


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