Crystal Healing 101: 5 Crystals to Start Your Journey

Crystal Healing 101: 5 Crystals to Start Your Journey

Does crystal healing really work? This is a common question we receive from individuals who have yet to embark on their spiritual journey. While it’s easy for us to respond with “YES! Crystal healing transformed our lives for the better and they will for you too,” the truth is it’s up to you to make a conscious effort to open your mind and your heart to the powers of crystal healing. Only YOU can do the work; no one else can do it for you.

Energy Muse co-founder, Heather Askinosie, wrote a post dealing with this question in which she discusses the origin of crystals as part of a major mineral component on Earth and their prominence in ancient rituals and practices of the past (If you’re interested in hearing Heather’s other thoughts on the topic you can check out her original post here!) Healing crystals have been part of the Earth since the beginning of time, so even if they’re new to your world, you’re not new to theirs. You put out a specific energy into the universe, as do crystals when they absorb various vibrations emitted from their surrounding. For this reason, you have the potential to connect with your crystal and feed off its expulsion of positive energy, lifting your vibrations and moving you to a higher feeling state.

We’re not saying crystals are modern medicine, so when thinking about crystal healing, it’s more about embracing using crystals to hold your intentions to manifest what you want to create in your life. On the most basic level, crystals are tangible, physical forms of the Earth’s energy. When you “connect” with your crystal (carrying, wearing, placing it in your room etc), your crystal gets to know you in a sense based on your vibration. Keeping this in mind, you can express your intentions in the presence of your crystals so that they will hold that energy. Programming your crystals with specific intentions creates a special aura in your environment that helps soothe your emotional field and ultimately serve as a natural remedy to any negativity that may be affecting your well-being. If you’re interested in bettering your life, the first step is adopting a healthy state of mind. Once you are able to find mental clarity, outside forces invading your mind, body, and spirit with negativity can be fought off from harming you any further. Today we’re breaking down 5 crystals everyone needs to begin their spiritual journey.

Let the crystal healing begin!

  1. Clear Quartz – One of the most “intro” level crystals for people to start with, Quartz can introduce you to the realm of crystal healing by programming it to amplify your intentions so that they manifest quicker. Depending on what is blocking you energetically (fatigue, stress, unsureness, etc.), you can program your quartz to counteract these feelings. It is an extremely versatile healing stone because it works so well at magnifying the energy of other stones that come in contact with it. The transparency of a quartz crystal carries the power to cleanse your thoughts and clear your mind. When using your quartz crystal, sit quietly with it in your hands, envision its highest white light, and feel its energy fill your body. Once you feel connected to your quartz, clarify your intentions for the stone and trust that it is listening.
  2. Selenite – Crystal enthusiasts value this stone for its ability to unblock stagnant energies ensuring a positive flow of vibrations between you and your crystals. Used often in energy cleansing, selenite is one of the most powerful tools for removing negativity that’s keeping you down. Taking your selenite and moving it down your body from the top of your head to your feet, clears the energy around you. Repeat this motion all around your body until you feel like the positive energy has been replenished. After you’re done, you will feel a restored sense of balance and will be protected with white light.
  3. Shungite – A rare stone believed to be around 2 billion years old, Shungite contains a natural antioxidants, making it a powerful healer of health hazardous energies to the body. Shungite can be used for detoxification and relief from anxiety or bits of insomnia. It carries powerful purifying properties that are essential for detoxifying and cleansing. Shungite has such a strong effect on the body, we recommend introducing it into your energy field a little bit at a time. Listen to your body! If you’re wearing and working with it and you begin to feel light-headed or that the detoxifying properties are too much for you, put the crystal down and begin again the next day. The more you work with shungite, your body becomes accustomed to its energy field and you will be able to always keep it near. 
  4. Amethyst – Works as an energetic shield containing a spiritual light around your body. In addition to shielding you from harmful energy, amethyst is also great for purifying your environment, therefore, is wonderful decor for your home and workspace. Amethyst also provides spiritual protection and garners your inner strength, especially when you’re feeling vulnerable or in need of a confidence boost. Use your amethyst as a meditation tool to help you get in tune with your emotions and allow you to uncover your true self.
  5. Citrine – A stone of light, citrine carries the energy of the sun and properties that promote your happiness and bring you prosperity. It is considered one of the most powerful stones for manifestation, therefore, when you’re ready to make a change in your life, citrine can help you make that intention a reality. The citrine meaning stimulates your mind and instills you with a positive outlook on life so that you are filled with optimism and motivated to form good habits.

After you’ve acquired your crystals, you can immediately put them into practice. We mentioned earlier different ways of connecting with your crystals including carrying them in you bag or pocket, wearing them in the form of jewelry, decorating your home or work space with, etc. all of which are great for surrounding yourself with their uplifting energy at all times. If you would like to take this a step further, you can make a crystal grid, which is a powerful energy tool that can be used to manifest your intentions. Using a crystal grid not only instills a divine energy throughout your body, but it is also a time of relaxation and rejuvenation. At the end of the day, crystal healing is all about placing your faith and belief in something bigger than yourself and in doing so aligning with universe on a larger scale. When you feel like you’re a part of something larger, that’s when synchronicity occurs because you’re vibrating at a higher frequency and are better able to focus your attention on aspects of your life that have the potential to do good for you.


  • Reply September 7, 2016


    This is a wonderful article for newbies! I was drawn to buy all 4 except shun gite. In fact, I didn’t see it. I bought mine from the Psychic Eye Bookstore. Kinda limited in crystals. I also bought my first green prosperity candle. The scent was out of this world. Loved it. Thanks for this post. I hope it helps others.

  • Reply September 24, 2016


    It is amazing how crystals could do so much. However, I was wondering if these crystals could heal serious illness such as cancer or cardiac diseases?

    I did come across a healing website called Shin’s Valley (

    They have managed to cure a fourth stage cancer patient through the elimination of negative blocks in massive way. The master could transform food, crystals, rings, water and many other natural elements into medicine and allow the patients to heal without having to endure any sort of pain. Is that possible through crystals?

    • Reply October 8, 2016


      We have had many clients use crystals in holistic treatments and healing regimes. Many of them use shungite and selenite in their treatments to remove blocked energy and facilitate healing!

  • Reply September 30, 2016


    Great article, especially for those who are looking to round out the healing crystals of a initial collection. Shungite would definitely be the first on my list, mostly due to it’s detoxifying properties. The other stones that you mentioned; quartz, citrine, selenite, and amethyst are also great choices for healing stones.

    I would throw one out that maybe doesn’t get as much attention and that would be Mookaite Jasper. It’s know to be good for establishing stability and calm in one’s life. I think stability would have a tremendous part in the healing process.

  • Reply November 3, 2016

    Rebecca Mercedez

    I thank you for this article! I bought two of the crystals.. I’m buying more! I am getting my family into this lifestyle!

    I need to lose weight, What crystals can I use to help with that?

    Again, I thank you for the website as a whole

    • Reply November 4, 2016


      Hi Rebecca! Many people like to use Blue Apatite to help them achieve their weight loss goals. It helps you to stay on track and increases motivation, as well as is said to curb appetite.

  • Reply November 9, 2016

    Lynne Patnode

    Thank you so much for this article! I have always been drawn to rocks as a child. In fact I make art jewelry using rocks and crystals, and have always wondered what “draws” a person to that particular stone. This article got me thinking about this on a new and deeper level. I love your whole blog website–so informative. Thanks so much for sharing—I won’t be looking at crystals and stones in the same way ever again 🙂


  • Reply November 6, 2017

    Gurpreet Kaur

    Very detailed and informative. Amazed to find answers to all my queries about crystals and healing. Was able to clear all my doubts. Find the articles very informative and useful. Thanks a lot.

  • Reply February 3, 2018


    Thank you for the info. Just got my 2 girls selenite gems for older, she need some balance from inner SPIRITUAL balance and my younger for just her healing aid.

    Now… the question is, I was playing with my small girl’s selenite just for 5 minutes and I was feeling light headed

    • Reply February 5, 2018


      Everyone reacts differently to each crystal – something that is grounding for me may be uplifting for you and so forth. When you begin to work with crystals, this can happen. Have you cleansed your crystals? That sometimes can be the issue. But just trust your intuition and your body, and work your body up to holding it and working with it. 2 minutes, then work up to 5 minutes and so on. Hope this helps!

  • Reply February 22, 2019


    I was wondering, If I am using crystals in my home, does their energy work on all inhabitants or will they connect with the energy of the individual who provides the intention for them.

    • Reply February 23, 2019


      Great question! When you set crystals in your home—be it for increased harmony, love, relaxation or protection—you are infusing the entire atmosphere of that space with their energy. So everyone in that space will be able to enjoy the healing vibes of your crystals.

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