Creative & Fun Astrology Gifts

Astrology Gifts

Have a birthday coming up that you need to get a gift for, but can’t figure out what to get? Our crystal and energy astrology gifts can be the perfect solution to your problem! It can be very difficult to come up with creative gift ideas for birthday after birthday–especially when you put it off until the last minute!

At Energy Muse, you can shop by astrology to find birthstone jewelry, crystals and energy tools that are directly aligned with the energy of your astrological signs. Check out our newest addition to our astrology gifts, our Zodiac Sign Birthday Candles–great gift ideas for friends and family! Light your birthday candle during the month of your birthday to attract the energies and brings in the blessings of your horoscope signs. These candles can be used to protect any and all aspects of the self in times where you feel out of balance. To use set your intention or wishes for your birthday candle, write your intention or wishes down on  a piece of unlined white paper, and place it under your candle. When you are finished writing, sign your name and date it under your intention. Fold the piece of paper towards you. Make sure you do not fold it away from you, because then you are pushing away your intention. Place your folded intention paper under your candle. Light your candle during your birthday month, and ideally, allow your birthday candle to burn for the full 7 days, without blowing it out. Make sure that your candle burns in a safe place though, like a fireplace.

Another way to utilize our Zodiac Sign Birthday Candles is to use them to bring harmony to your home. To bring unity, harmony and happiness to your family in your home, you will need one candle for each member of your household. This candle will correspond to the astrological sign of each member of your family. Burning these candles together will help to unite your family, calming any negative energies and bringing harmony and happiness to your home.

Astrology Gifts

Energy Muse Libra Astrology Gifts

Keeping with the astrology theme, some other creative gift ideas for friends and family are Energy Muse Astrology Crystal Bags and Zodiac Smudge Sticks. The astrology crystal bags are filled with the birthstones connected with that astrological sign. Traditionally, your birthstones are used for luck, abundance, protection and wisdom. You may know what your particular birthstone is, but not everyone is in agreeance on which birthstones are connected with each astrological sign. So rather than there being just one, there are many birthstones associated with each of the horoscope signs. Your birthstones are a major power source, and wearing them or having them in your environment will bring you many blessings. To harness the powers of your birthstones, hold your birthstones in your hands and breathe deeply. Visualize light around these tones and now expand that light to surround your entire body, so that you are immersed in a bubble of white light. See all the blessings in your life, now in this moment. Continue to breathe in and out, deeply, seeing the light around you expanding outwards. Make a wish, and make it a good one! Visualize that wish coming true. See and feel your wish as if it was reality. Be thankful and grateful for your life and the blessings that reside in it right now. See the positive energy continuing to expand. Hold your birthstones and remain in this moment as long as you like. When you are finished, place them back into the bag. Know that your power birthstones are there for you, anytime you want to access them.

Cleanse your astrology gifts and crystals with our Zodiac Smudge Sticks, made with Sage and other powerful herbs that are connected with each of the astrological signs. When you burn your smudge stick, you are attracting the energies of your sign while cleansing and clearing the energy of your space–another energy tool for how to remove negative energy from your home. Sage is one of the oldest and most-well known herbs for clearing out negative energy from a room, space or even object. The other two herbs incorporated into your smudge stick were hand-picked to resonate with your sign. For example, the Leo Smudge Stick combines the cleansing powers of sage with Frankincense and Orange, which are both spiritual and energizing herbs. The combination of herbs also brings a subtle and wonderful aroma to your space.

To maximize the energy and attributes of your astrological sign, combine the energetic power of our Zodiac Sign Candles, Astrology Crystals and Zodiac Smudge Stick. This will also magnify your manifesting power. So next time when you are stuck and looking for creative gift ideas for friends, shop Energy Muse astrology gifts and give them a gift they won’t ever forget–the gift of good energy.

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