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capricorn birthstone

Capricorns, born between December 22 and January 19, are hardworking, patient and stable support systems for friends and family. These characteristics represent the sun signs of Capricorn. The sun sign determines your disposition and general interests, but your ascendant sign and moon sign also contribute to your personality. Ascendant signs, also known as your rising sign, can sometimes better represent your personality than your sun sign. It determines how others perceive you. On the other hand, your moon sign reflects your inner self and sheds light on how you hand fears and emotions. The Capricorn birthstone can support these aspects of you. Finding the best birthstone for Capricorn depends on whether you are a sun, moon or ascendant Capricorn. Each Capricorn birthstone is powerful in a different way, so the best way to see which Capricorn crystals will best align with your personal energy is to explore which stone resonates with you the most.

A Crystal Secret with Your Capricorn Birthstone

Capricorns don’t need anyone telling them to get to work. These ambitious go-getters are known to light the proverbial fire under their own behinds. But in those moments when they feel their effort is in vain, or simply not producing effects as quickly as they’d hoped, Garnet can ease the Capricorn’s anxiety while stimulating an increase of energy within the body. Find your pulse on your wrist, and place your Capricorn birthstone, Garnet, on top of that point. Hold it there for 3 minutes to ignite chi, action and motivation.

Sun in Capricorn: Your Capricorn Birthstone

There are many Capricorn birthstones to bring out the qualities in you. The power stone for Capricorn is garnet. As an earth sign, garnet helps keep you connected to the grounding earth energies that you enjoy. It connects you to the present moment, enhancing your patience. Since it is so grounding and eliminates fear, worry or panic, it also aids you in being a stable support system with your friends and family or through your work. Garnet symbolizes a loyal heart, which is one of the most prominent characteristics of a Capricorn.

Capricorns like having emotions under control and find it difficult to express feelings and emotions. Sodalite helps to encourage your self-acceptance and trust. It will bring up the shadow side of yourself and let you accept those qualities without judgment.

Capricorn Rising Sign: Your Ascendant Birthstone for Capricorn

Garnet is considered a stone that holds light, and that’s the energy a Capricorn ascendant signs needs. Capricorn ascendants tend to be ambitious, have old souls and follow the rules. The garnet stone will help lighten up your life and allow you to enjoy even the most mundane things. It is especially useful if life seems overwhelming and as if there is no way out. It turns a crisis into a challenge that you can overcome with your innate inner strength.

Capricorn Moon Sign: Your Moon Capricorn Crystals

Capricorn moon signs are diligent, responsible and often do what is considered right. Garnet will also help a moon sign to foster your dependability and ability to see what is best for everyone. Many Capricorn moon signs feel disconnected from their feminine nature. Moonstone fosters the energy of the divine feminine and is an ideal stone for aggressive or masculine energies. Rhodochrosite helps facilitate self-nurturing, which provides emotional support from Capricorn moon signs who crave approve and emotional control.  If you aren’t attracted to this stone, it is an indication that you are repressing something you need to look at. Use this stone to open yourself to self-loving energies.

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  • Reply January 1, 2016


    Thank you very much for this really interesting and helpful post (I have just found your site and will definitely read more of your articles!).
    Being a sun-sign Capricorn, I can really identify with needing the energies of Garnet to support being grounded AND to eliminate worry :)
    Even more so, I am happy to hear about the energies of Sodalite:
    “helps to encourage your self-acceptance and trust. It will bring up the shadow side of yourself and let you accept those qualities without judgment”. … OMG that it truly relevant to me – thank you so much and Happy New Year!

    • Reply January 4, 2016


      Hi Megan!
      Thank you for the kind words! We’re so glad you are connecting with our writing. Happy New Year to you as well!

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