Crystal Body Grid for Chakra Cleansing


Chakra Cleansing is VERY important. The Seven Chakras are centers of spiritual power or wheels of energy that flow through the body. They run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each chakra is associated with a color and has a physical and emotional aspect tied to it. When your chakras are aligned, balanced and cleansed, you feel energized and centered.

Everyone gets his or her chakras out of balance or partially closed merely from trying to live in this modern, fast-paced life. This Chakra Cleansing Crystal Pattern will gently open, realign, cleanse and balance the energy flowing through the chakras. It won’t only heal your chakras, but will also make everyday life a little less stressful!

Here are the crystals needed and where to place them:


Lie on your back in a comfortable position and place all the stones in the correct places (according to the diagram). Clear your mind, relax and let the crystals do the work. The outer pattern of Clear Quartz crystals forms a diamond shape, or two triangles set base to base. This activates the crystal energy by connecting the crystal at the top of your head down to the one by the left hand, then descends to the crystal at your feet, then up to the one in your right hand and finally ascends to join the crystal at the head again. The crystal energy flow will activate the inner pattern of stones on your Chakras and your chakra cleansing will be complete.

Give this Chakra Cleansing a try and let us know how you felt after! Post a picture of you cleansing your chakras and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram!

This Chakra Cleansing Pattern was adapted from Laying on of Stones, by D.J. Conway.

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