Bring Positive Feng Shui Into Your Home With Summer Colors


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese study of how our environment affects our everyday life.  It is believed that if our environment is in balance, the people who reside in that space will be balanced.  Summer brings an energized and refreshing feeling into our lives.  The sun shines longer, flowers are in full bloom and life in general seems a bit brighter.

This summer, fresh green is a must have color in the home.  Green is a symbolic of growth, career advancement and healing.  A simply way to add fresh green into any room is with bamboo, succulents, or a green vase filled with fresh calla lilies.  Coral is another favorite summer shade.  Coral is a very soothing color that is associated with self love, beauty and nurture.  Adding coral to the master bedroom will add that extra spark.  Add coral pillows or coral color candles in the love quadrant of the bedroom (far right corner from the entrance door).  Burning the candles for a few hours a day helps bring the energy of love into your life.  Lastly, neutral colors are always a simple summer choice. Rooms that are predominantly neutral help you breath a little deeper, sleep easier and relax faster. Colors in our environment psychologically effect our mood and state of being.

Bringing these summer shades into your decor will bring great energy and added style.

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