Amma: The Hugging, Loving Saint


I have gone to see Amma in Los Angeles for the last 14 years. Some people say she is a living saint or a living Mother Teresa. Those who have been hugged and embraced by Amma say she feels like a mother who radiates love. To date, she has hugged over 34 million people throughout the world. She will stay seated for hours on end to hug everyone that has come to see her. I go back every year, even though I know that upon entering the hotel, I will be there all day waiting for a 10-second hug. The hug feels safe, nurturing and filled with the universal energy of LOVE.

Amma says that her religion is love, and “where there is true love, anything is effortless.” I remember driving home, after my yearly hug, and got pulled over by a policeman. I was issued a ticket for rolling through a stop sign in a private residential district. I mentioned this to one of my friends after, and he said, “at least it was just a ticket and not worse. She purified some of your karma.” Maybe this is another reason I go back every year, to get a loving hug and receive some added assistance with my karma.

Amma represents different things to different people. Yet, everyone she touches is left with an imprint of something, deep within your soul, that says you are worthy of LOVE. I always wonder if the hug will feel as powerful as it was the first the time. Every year, it feels different, because I am different, but the energy of love is always the same.

The environment in which the event is held is powerful in its on right. A ballroom in the LAX Hilton Hotel is transformed into a storehouse of love, light and devotion. The minute you walk through the doors, you have entered another world; a world filled with every walk of life and socio-economic background. The ages range from newborn babies to those in there 90s. The vibration of the space vibrates with the energy of compassion, acceptance and harmony. Amma is a living example of living life in service, devotion and LOVE. She reminds us through compassion that we can do the same.

True Happiness is when the love that is within us finds expression in external activities. –Amma

Heather Askinosie is a leading influencer on the power of crystals. For over 26 years, she has been studying the scientific and spiritual aspects of energy. She has had the privilege of studying with the best healers from all over the world, who have passed down ancient teachings on how to utilize energy technology in the upcoming millennium. Heather is a seeker of truth, working to extract as much information as possible, to translate it into simple tools that can be used in everyday life. These tools empower and educate individuals on how to use them to attract everything you want in life. In 2000, Heather co-founded Energy Muse Jewelry with business partner, Timmi Jandro. Energy Muse is a conscious lifestyle brand, providing tools of empowerment, inspiration and hope in the tangible form of jewelry.

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