A Metaphysical Girl in a Mystical World

A Metaphysical Girl in a Mystical World

Do healing crystals dominate every surface in your home? (Remember, it’s not hoarding if it’s crystals!) Do you pay more attention to the current moon cycle than the current month? Does your essential oil collection out do your makeup stash? Do you know every one of your friends astrological signs? Are you constantly obsessing over your out of balanced chakra? Can read the energy of everyone around you? You’re what we call a metaphysical girl! These new crystal necklaces celebrate the metaphysical girls and crystal junkies everywhere. Each one is an expression of the inner beauty and strength that each persona possesses. Which metaphysical girl are you? Wearing the crystal associated with your “archetype” reminds you to be fearless and embrace your true self so that you may reach your full potential. Its crystal energy serves as your driving force, nurturing your mind, body and soul. Connect with your crystal on a daily basis…because we are living in a mystical world and you are a metaphysical girl!

The Love Junkie

The love junkie does all things with love. You are lifted by the power of an open heart and feel fulfilled when others return the love you ignite in their lives. Love is unconditional in your eyes and your work is to nurture the world by creating more space for harmony, kindness and peace. You are a hopeless romantic and believe in all that is good. For you, any problem can be solved from a place of love and this keeps you centered and balanced as you move through life. Rose Quartz is your crystal ally for all matters of the heart. It asks you to go within your heart, to space that knows love is the answer to all questions in life. Let there be love, love junkie, for you and for all of those who cross your dreamy path.

The Moon Child

The moon child is a force of nature that cannot be tamed. The moon is your spotlight, shining down on you from the starry skies above. The stars that light your path guide you, and like the moon—the ruler of the night sky—you are the ruler of your life. You are a modern-day gypsy bound to explore the unknown and enjoy life as a journey in and of itself. Moonstone is your crystal ally. Believed to be made of moonbeams, wearing Moonstone is a way to befriend the moon. It’s a magical stone that connects you with the divine feminine and inner goddess. Stay wild, moon child, as you paint your world with the effervescent colors of the galaxy.

The Cosmically Confident

The cosmically confident are a vision of strength. You believe in the luminosity of your own radiance and live for yourself. The universe believes in you and the stars tend to align in your favor. You are fearless in all that you do and stand on the galaxy’s edge with a head held high. You have the ability to stand on your own but possess an even stronger will to bring others together in unity. Peach Aventurine is your crystal ally. Peach Aventurine boosts your creativity and reinforces your self-esteem. It provides relief from any insecurity that constricts your full potential. Be cosmically confident in all of life’s ventures and the universe promises to guide you through to the end.

The Magically Mindful

The magically mindful are in tune with the ways of the universe. You embrace who you are, which allows you to live consciously in every moment. You live with intention and pursue your heart’s desires with grace and ease. Your soul is honest and pure, and you value truthfulness in others. Your love is genuine and you do not pass judgment on others, rather you are fair and kind. Others often turn to you for advice or support because they value your words. Turquoise is your crystal ally. Turquoise is the bridge between the sky, Heaven and the Earth. It connects your mind with the infinite possibilities of the universe and fosters honest, open communication. Miss magically mindful; dazzle the world with your quick wit and high spirit to inspire others to see the world through your wise eyes.

The Vibrationally High

The vibrationally high are the guiding light of each day. You shine so brightly your presence lights others up. You have a fiery passion inside you that burns brighter than the sun. You are the earth’s golden child—a dazzling force to be reckoned with. Every breath you draw, you breathe in the elixir of life and are intoxicated by the endless wonders of the world. You have an eclectic soul and a vivacious spirit that is not bound by any inhibitions, so you feel encouraged to try new things that push you outside the realms of your comfort zone. Citrine is your crystal ally. Powered by the Sun, Citrine is a stone of light and happiness. Its high vibes bring a clearer mind and a more positive outlook on life. Let the rhythmic beating of your heart charge your mind, body and soul so that you may stay vibrationally high from dawn until night.

A Metaphysical Girl in a Mystical World

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